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IP blacklisting

When you try to connect to your management console you are told your IP has been blacklisted. This is caused by too many failed login attempts within a short period.

To remove your IP from the blacklist, please use the CS Password Utility.

See Passwords#Additional_non-password_related_functions.

Can't login to phpMyAdmin

DirectAdmin create database.png

You must first create a database using MySQL Management in the DirectAdmin web control panel.

About Hosting

The School of Computer Science offers all faculty, staff and students (majors or those taking key courses) a virtual hosting environment for Web and Email. Domains created automatically through the CS Password Utility have the name, where userid is your UWinID.

The myWeb server is separate from the general desktop servers like alpha, bravo, and charlie. You cannot access your Web files through a secure shell terminal (ssh) connection. Instead, access the files using a file transfer client as described.

You can create a new domain and access the DirectAdmin Control Panel to manage your domain (and sub-domains) by visiting the CS Password Utility. The DirectAdmin control panel can be accessed at

Basic DirectAdmin Tour

DirectAdmin is a Web-based control panel that will allow you to manage your Web site(s), email addresses, MySQL databases, and Web applications.

You can also manage your files stored on the server with file transfer programs, such as FileZilla, and edit your files using editors that support SFTP such as Notepad++ and BBEdit. Separate videos are provided for that.

Multiple Domains

The myWeb server, through the DirectAdmin control panel, allows you to create e-mail addresses in your sub-domains or additional domains. Addresses can be full e-mail mailboxes or forwarded to other mailboxes.

You can access these extra mailboxes using mail clients or the Roundcube Web-based mail program. The only differences are: you need to use the e-mail addresses as the username when connecting; and cloud-based calendars and addressbooks are not available.

You can create a new mailbox under a domain that you control using DirectAdmin, and how to connect to it using Roundcube.

Creating FTP Accounts

You can create highly customizable FTP accounts to allow other users access to specific parts of your domain.

The password for the account can be reset at any time by the owner of the domain or by the user. Once the account has been created and the user is given a password, the user can change the password to something they prefer.

File Access


Notepad++ can easily access files stored on the myWeb server from your PC. Editing remote files is as easy as editing local ones on your PC.


FileZilla is a free FTP client program for Windows, Mac and Linux. It allows you to manage your remote files through a responsive drag-and-drop system.


BBEdit is a fantastic text editor for macOS that is available for free through the App Store. For those of you familiar with it, TextWrangler is now BBEdit.

BBEdit interfaces with files on the myWeb server with just a couple of clicks.

An updated video for BBEdit will be posted soon.

Accessing Files from the Linux Desktop

It is easy to access your myWeb files from Linux desktops. The best way is to create a bookmark in your Places that will link to your domains folder on the myWeb server.

Follow these steps:

  1. From Places, open your Home Folder
  2. In Location, enter s, and press Enter
  3. Enter your userid and password to establish the connection.

Once the connection is made, you will see the contents of your myWeb domains folder. Your Web files are in sub-folders named public_html for the corresponding domain.

You can add a bookmark so that this connection is made every time you login to the Linux desktop.